Monday, September 08, 2008

Well, I Guess It's All Up To Me Now

From the same article:

"NBC News journalists, who often appear on the cable channel, did see a problem, arguing behind the scenes that MSNBC's move to the left -- which includes a new show, debuting tonight, for Air America radio host Rachel Maddow -- was tarnishing their reputation for fairness. Tom Brokaw, the interim host of "Meet the Press," said that at times Olbermann and Matthews went too far."

Quick, get me a TV schedule. What time is Rachel Maddow going to be on?
She needs me.

Let me reveal something personal here: I am the only person I know who listens to Air America.

No, wait, let me clarify that: I am the only person I have ever even met who listens to Air America.
As I wrote in this space some time ago, I listen to Air America for one reason: because somebody has to. It's a sad day in American media when a radical radio network has to declare bankruptcy for such a fascist thing as having, well, um, no audience. I mean, come on. Air America hosts have feelings, right? Somebody's got to care. Or pretend to.

No kidding, you can hear some really interesting stuff on Air America. Like all about vegan cooking. Do you know the difference between "vegan" and "vegetarian"? You would, if you listened to The Vegan Show. Did you hear the spokesman sniggering about how Sarah Palin's 17-year old daughter is pregnant and- are you ready for this- unmarried? Yep, you would have caught your first snigger right there , if only you'd had the sense to turn to 950AM.

There must be other reasons to tune in, but DIH does it out of compassion, mostly. Fear not, Air America! Someone really is listening! OK, not every day, but you never know when you might actually have an audience. That's what DIH is here for. Desperate Irish Housewife, a friend to all.

Don't worry, Rachel. I'll be there for you. But just in case, maybe you'd better call your family, too.

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Joke said...

I listen to Air America, usually just as I get into my car after having attended daily Mass.

That way I get to hear both sides.