Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Speech

Half the houses in my neighborhood have lawn signs. Obama! Franken! Biden!

DIH thought she'd like to get in on the fun. So, I got me a sign: "Sarah Palin."

It lasted three days. On the third day- Sunday morning, to be exact, I woke up and found what you see above. The "Nazi in a skirt" message is pretty readable. The "Why do you plaster your face like a trollip [sic] you f****** c***!" is a bit more puzzling.

What impressed me was the lengths my own persoaln vandals went to. They brought their own photo of McCain. They brough ttheir own duct tape (this is Minnesota, after all) to attach the photo to the sign. And they must have lugged that orange and white barrier thing at least four blocks.

Remember, liberals love free speech. They really, really do.


Rose said...

WOW! Yeah, they're all for free speech as long as you agree with them. No questions, no variations, no dissent allowed.

Beau said...

This is an intense campaign. Was at your church last Friday and sat next to your husband - nice fellow. The vibe in the room for Palin was palpable. She has energized the base and reached across party lines in some cases! love a recent picture I saw of the crowd in Colorado holding up lipstick as she was speaking.

Keep the faith!

HEATHER said...

Good grief!
That is simply outrageous.
In KY defacing, campaign signs is a felony. Don't know about MN.

Shane Vander Hart said...

You know, you really don't hear much about conservatives doing this to liberals.

KSS said...

Wow, and then when you come out against what they believe in they scream intolerance, racism, fascism or what ever -isim or -ist they can think of or make up.

Free speech for me but not for thee. They cry that they are being oppressed while oppressing anyone who does not agree with them at every opportunity.

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