Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Entertaining

The leaves are turning, the winter squash are in the farmers' markets, a chill is in the evening air. Yes, it's autumn again. Time for hot apple cider, cozy suppers, a glass of something special in front of the fire as we enjoy the last warm days before the snow flies.

Autumn entertaining is something special in the Desperate house. Every year DIH buys scores of magazines with pictures of pumpkins and fallen leaves on the covers and scours them for ideas. How to cook a turkey. How to carve a jack-o-lantern. How to prepare something called a "hot dish" for something called a "pot luck." (She has never done this, but it's nice to know the instructions are there somewhere.)

You can find any number of menus, recipes, etc. in these tempting rags for "A Halloween Supper," "A Thanksgiving Feast." But as always it is Desperate Irish Housewife's job to pick up where the main stream media leave off. Here are her favorite autumn entertaining ideas. Hope you're hungry!

The "Somebody Left The Freezer Open" Party. You know that gorgeous roast you were saving for, I don't know, New Year's? What's wrong with tonight? Toss that hunk of nicely thawed meat into the oven and get out your address book. There must be somebody who's not coaching a basketball game this evening. Open a bottle of cheap wine and enjoy!

The "I Just Spent The Whole Day Raking Leaves And You Expect Me To Cook?" Party. One of Desperate's favorites. Two words: pizza delivery. Open a bottle of cheap wine and enjoy!

The "Thanks For Helping Me Clean Out The Garage- NOT!" Party. This one is on the spouse. Send him out for Thai. And another bottle of cheap wine.

The "I Got A Little Carried Away At The Farmers' Market" party. Veggies, veggies, veggies- and yes, you are finally going to learn how to prepare brussel spouts. If you have any vegetarian neighbors now's the time to invite them over. Or better yet, pop over to their house with a nice bag of rutabagas- everyone loves rutabagas! They love cheap wine, too.

The "Some Jerk Stole My McCain Sign Again" cookout. Shoot a deer and roast it on a spit. On the front lawn. Right across from that house with the "Hope" sign on the porch. Knock back a lot of cheap wine. Better yet, whiskey. Maybe you'll start a little sing-a-long later. That'll show 'em.


JEWEL said...

Thanks for the great start to my day. This made me laugh out loud.

Sue said...

Jewel- my pleasure! That's what this blog is all about.- DIH