Monday, September 15, 2008

Case Closed?

My daughter and her buddy Anna figured out quite a lot about my vandal. It was a man (Handwriting analysis, plus size of shoe) and he was walking a dog (pawprints).

Needless tosay we have ordered more lawn sing. So there, Democrats.

All of which brings us to today's Sharing Session:

Have any ofyou had this experience? Lawn signs stolen, bumper stickers keyed? Please write and let DIH know. She'd love to hear all about it.


Adoro te Devote said...

Aww...what sweet dem neighbors you have! Walking their dog while vandalizing things!

What's scary is the mentality of so many Democrats...truly. I realize not all Dems are violent, but on news articles online, etc...the most violent and profanity-laden comments are from the "peace-loving" people who claim to be Democrats.

AmyRobynne said...

We lived in the Longfellow section of South Mpls until a year ago and we dared to put a Bush sign up in '04. I forget how many times it was stolen.

Anonymous said...

During the '04 election season, we decided to put up a Bush sign to provide some diversity in our Linden Hills neighborhood. It was stolen at least three times, and once, to the horror of my children, was replaced with a Kerry sign. Never seen a sign with the type of profanity on yours, though!

Bible Babe

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...



Melissa said...

LOVE the Clue Finders!

My mother's neighbor put up several Bush signs back in 2004, to our surprise we found it slayed with gun shot holes. That is in norther subrubs of the Twin Cities (MN). I am awaiting my McCain-Palin signs, but am wondering if I should have ordered more than one? We're frankly a little scared of what might happen to our vehicles once the bumper stickers go on! But out of love for our country, we're willing to make the brave attempt.

Today on YouTube I tried to post a comment about how funny the SNL Tina Fey looks like Sarah Palin - as I had talked about it before the show had aired. The evil comment replies I got from democrats were so terrible, I had to stop commenting altogether just to make them quit badgering me.

Anonymous said...

Color me completely unsurprised. Sympathy from San Francisco.

HEATHER said...

Well, this hasn't happened to me, but I feel so sorry for you having to live up there with all of those libs.

StaceyJo said...

My dad was having a cup of coffee on his front porch when a woman drove up to his house, with her trunk already open. Seemingly uncaring that he was watching, she loaded his Bush and Coleman signs in her trunk and drove off, with her trunk still open. He was still laughing as he called me to order more signs.

Anonymous said...

I had 2 signs torn up in my front yard, both Obama signs. They were there for one day. I have been verbally attacked by so called Conservatives many times for my beliefs. You know what, they ever used some inappropriate language in refering to my way of thinking. There are many fools on both sides. It is very possible your sign was destroyed by a Rep, as a Dem. When will we all come together and do something for the country, our country, rather than belittle our people. Dixon IV

Anonymous said...

Dixon IV~

You are right there are plenty of fools to go around...however if you are wanting a person who will work with both parties I would think McCain would be your guy. He's demonstrated that he is willing and able to do that ~ just a thought ~ Bible Babe

Liz said...

"Have any ofyou had this experience? Lawn signs stolen, bumper stickers keyed?"

In 2003 my 18 yr. old son confessed to causing many Kerry/Edwards signs to disappear. He didn't vandalize. He just caused them to vanish.

The statute of limitations has run out, but I ask you as a mother, what would you do?

Sue said...


Ask your son what he thinks "free speech" means.