Thursday, September 04, 2008

Busy Week

Having done her best to weasel her way into the GOP Convetnion at the Xcel Energy Center, DIH is forced to admit defeat.


But she did manage to attend a couple of events. So, I guess I'll talk about them.

The first thing was a screening of a documentary about the Supreme Court. You know the kind of thing: lots of footage of crazy anti-abortion activists chanting weirdly outside the Supreme Court building in Washington; over-the-hill Nashville stars in cowboy hats singing about Je-zus; civilized pro-abortion leaders in handmade shirts speaking calmly to the camera.

Which brings us to today's Vocabulary Lesson For Filmmakers:
Please get out your dictionaries and look up the following: cliche, "jump the shark," and "I-thought-film-schools-were-better-than-this."

The film ended with a roll of supertitles. "Since their confirmation John Roberts and Sam Alito have re-instituted slavery and bugged your telephones. THEY CAN HEAR YOU."

The filmmaker was a Democrat, who was positively beaming at how unbiased he managed to be. Touching, in a way.

The reception that was part of this event was full of surprises. For example, I thought ten years ago that Ralph Reed looked like one of those little girl tennis stars. Update: he still does. I really thought he'd look, I don't know, a little more rugged by now.

Anyway, more later. Right now DIH has to check her phones.

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Joke said...

Can't we have our slaves check the phones?