Thursday, August 14, 2008

So You Think Your Kid's Camp Is Cool

Oh sure. I know what you're thinking. "I'm sending Johnny to archery camp this year. He's going to be in the Olympics!"

Or maybe you're more the "Mon fils parle francais tres bien maintenant! Le Camp Jerry Lewis-- excellente!" type.

Gymnastics camp? Chess camp? Patting yourself on the back for Mandarin lessons?

Well, DIH has one question for you: can your kid do laundry?

Sophia came home from camp the other day and announced she wanted to re-fold all her clothes. "We learned how in Proper Princess class. I'll show you." We emptied her dresser and she proceeded to demonstrate. All the shirts, shorts and jeans are now in neat, perfect piles. "I can do sheets, too. You know, Mom, the way you do it, they take up too much room in the linen closet."

Eat your hearts out, all you SAT and NASA camper bill-payers. We all know what a mom really dreams about.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Can I get my girls into that camp? Do they have a branch in Virginia?

joke said...

My 11 year old has his own set of cooking knives and can dice vegetables.

Um...that's all I got.


Anonymous said...

She always did have an unusual love of cleaning...


Anonymous said...

Hey, mine aren't folding clothes, YET!!! Yes there are branches in Viginia too!! Another Bible Babe

Anonymous said...

Mine fact never heard a word about that portion of camp! Thanks for the heads up, I have a lot of laundry they can demonstrate their new "princess" skill on. ~ Bible Babe

SB said...


Urgent!!! How can I contact this camp? Is it local? How much does it cost? Is it coed? How young can they start? Is there a late summer session? Are paid internships available? Contact me immediately. My cell is next to my bed.