Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alternative Things To Do At The Beach

Rough surf kept us all out of the water today. So we indulged in other summer vacation activities:

Ate a variety of deep-fried foods.
Discussed the place of NASCAR in American society.
Won a thousand tickets at an arcade and redeemed them for valuable prizes.
Checked and re-checked the weather forecast for hurricane updates.
Sized up each other's sunburns.

We also played many rounds of Boggle. I'm beginning to realize that few things bring out the killer instinct in my family like Boggle. In fact maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring it along. I'll have to reconsider this move next year.


Anonymous said...

Susan -- I love Boggle! Perhaps I ought to loosen up the old brain with a few practice rounds and we can have a duel upon your return.

Ahh! I've just revealed how unexciting my life really is....

Bible Babe

Anonymous said...

Hey who's "Bible Babe"?? I thought I was Bible Babe? I don't want anyone thinking I play boggle! My life is waaay to exciting.... Bible Babe