Thursday, August 28, 2008

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night..., wait. That part came later. Let's start at the beginning.

DIH was in her kitchen making, if she says so herself, a batch of the most awesome eggplant parm' this side of Mulberry Street, when all of a sudden--


and the lights went out.

Hm, I says to myself. Power outage. Wait a few seconds and it should all right itself.

But it didn't. Then Sophia and I smelled something burning outside the house. So, we trooped into the alleyway to see what was up.

At the end of the alleyway there was a small crowd of people, a smoking power pole, and one very dead bird. Apparently some kind of hawk had landed in the wrong spot on the power pole and shorted the whole thing out.

Several of my greener neighbors were concerned for the hawk. "I think it's a peregrine. It's been in the neighborhood for a few weeks with its mate. Oh my God-- where is the mate???"

"Ooh, look! There's a wing stuck on the wire up there!" said one little kid. The green neighbor turned still greener. Meanwhile the developmentally delayed teenager who lives up the street ran home yelling. Then he ran back, yelling and waving a small book. "I got it! I got it!" The book was a guide to North American birds. So at least someone was being genuinely helpful.

Another neighbor was flabbergasted. "I was watching the convention! She was just taking the microphone! She was just about to speak when all of a sudden--"

"It's the Republicans," another neighbor said. "I mean, it's too weird. Just as she's about to speak, right?"

The political discussion was interrupted by a chunk of charred wood falling from the pole. Everyone thought it best to stand back.

DIH, meanwhile, thought it best to call the fire department, as she had noticed the power pole was still flaming at the top.

The fire department came, and an hour or so later, the power company showed up. The power company guy offered solid advice to those of us without power: "Uh, you might want to go out to dinner."

DIH and crew started for the car. "I'm telling you, it had to be the Republicans,' the green neighbor said again. "Or maybe it was God," DIH suggested. "Hmph. So you're saying God is a Republican?" said the neighbor.

DIH decided to go out for pizza.

When we came home it was starting to rain, and the whole block was still dark. We got out our camping lamps and read in bed for a while, then called it a day. That's when the "dark and stormy" part started, with lots of thunder and lightning, very dramatic stuff. Even so the power guys got the lights working again, as we found out some time in the wee hours when every light in the house suddenly went on.

Good morning!


Anonymous said...

That should be a half hour comedy. Oh and by the way, I think God leans towards the Republican side. That is just my opinion.

HEATHER said...

So did you ever see the falcon's mate? Poor bird!
So would you care to share your Eggplant Parm recipe?

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Of course God's a Republican-- he lets folks make choices, even though they're bad.

On a serious note, you may get a kick out of this:

What kind of mental process is behind someone seeing black DOJ helos outside and coming to the conclusion we invaded Iran? 0.o

Adoro te Devote said...

So...your neighbor is saying that the bird has chosen a political party? Well...if PETA had their way, birds would have voting rights. They'd probably be smart enough not to be Dems.