Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Other News

"GOLDEN, Colo. - The city manager of Golden, Colo., has decided to withdraw his invitation to let the Al-Jazeera news network broadcast from a barbecue in his backyard on the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

City manager Mike Bestor has apologized for any divisiveness he caused in the city of about 18,000, about 15 miles west of Denver."

So... what, exactly, was he planning on serving?

Oops...uh, no, maybe not. Bad piggie! Bad, bad!

Chili dogs!
Yikes, same problem. And wouldn't it offend the Mexican servers, or something?

OMG, no, no, NO!!!

Maybe Texas barbecue? You know, the cow kind?
Unless there were any Hindus around. That might tick them off.

Couscous and chips, I guess. And iced tea.
Damn, Mike. You could've given the cheapest cookout of all time. Now you're gonna miss your chance at the record books.

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Adoro te Devote said...

OK, I'm dying to know...what's your take on the local organization of the Anarchists approaching the RNC?

Here's my take:

Yours would be far more entertaining!