Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Feel Much Safer Now

WASHINGTON -- John Anderson's family was taking a trip to Disney World in 2004 when they were stopped by security at Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport.

The airlines thought John, who goes by Jack, was on a terror watch list.

Agents were dumbfounded when they looked over the counter to see the suspected terrorist -- a 2-year-old St. Paul toddler dozing in his stroller with a pacifier hanging from his mouth.

Two years later, the family was stopped by airport security again, owing to Jack's common name. The Andersons have since given up flying, waiting for federal authorities to fix a database that has ensnared more than 30,000 Americans.

[h/t Star Tribune]


Christina said...

Nationalized health care, anyone?

joke said...

I get that ALL the time -- as does our Numbah One Son -- with a ridiculously common name.

Entropy. Bah.

I still don't know what's holding up the 2nd Coming*.


* Dear Lord, Saturdays +/- 11am would be good.