Friday, August 01, 2008


Let's see. By the latest count I have five.

An old friend who is here to do some writing. To write a whole book, actually. Fortunately his motto is "pretty good, really fast." He is at the other end of the diningroom table now as I type, scowling at his computer screen, asking if there's any way I can put more inspiration in the coffee. As soon as I figure out how to do that I will market the stuff.

Another old friend, also a writer, but not here to write. He and half his family are here to attend a wedding in Northfield. He's in the living room, absorbed in his Kindle. Every once in a while he chortles to himself. I can only assume he's reading something related to economics. That always makes him laugh.

Guest #2's wife and daughter are in the kitchen, sharing coffee and blueberry muffins with my husband and arguing about Schopenhauer and how much more fun Socrates is. All I really care about is the muffins, which yours truly made herself. Luckily they're a hit.

Guest #2's additional daughter is upstairs asleep, or trying to sleep, after arriving on the redeye a couple of hours ago.

It's nice to have guests. It's been a long time since I heard people argue about Schopenhauer over breakfast.

One of these days I may even find out who this fella is.

I think that's it. For now.


Joke said...

If someone starts bandying about Kirkegaard, grab your daughter and RUN.



Sue said...


Joke said...

AMHIK = Ask Me How I Know.


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