Thursday, August 14, 2008

At Least My Dog Hasnt' Done This Yet

Separation Anxiety

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Adoro te Devote said... German Shepherd did something similar a couple years ago. Normally she was fine, but my Greyhound had been injured and was bleeding (all greys bleed like stuck pigs, FYI...but THIS time he needed a vet). He was injured on a walk so I got home with both dogs, unceremoniouly threw my GSD in the house, gave her a treat and set off to rush the grey to the vet.

When I got home, the doorknob was gnawed and the trim around the door was actually preventing me from GSD had pulled it out of the drywall and I was looking at exposed nails. Oh, and the dog broke the inside door hooks (for coats, leashes, etc) and basically had driven herself nuts!

I learned that day to leave CALMLY as if just out "for a moment". She never did it again.

I have to say this, dog is an escape artist, I knew that when I adopted her and it was evidenced by the gnawed doorknob...she'd been trying to get out by TURNING THE KNOB. Smart dog.

I think had she been less smart, she would have produced what you have there in the picture! (Just sayin'...I got a smart dog!)