Monday, June 09, 2008

The Law of Local Construction

The house two down from DIH's is being torn down. Most of it, anyway. It sat on the market for a couple of years, went through a few hands at auction, and was finally bought by a real estate agent and her contractor husband. Their plan is to turn the dilapidated property into their kid's college tuition, wedding, graduate degree and retirement fund.

So as it's summer, construction/deconstruction has begun in earnest this past week. It's been an education. Some things I've learned:

-Work commences at 6am with an explosion. Then nothing is done for the next three hours.

-The same three ducks that have been hanging out it that yard for years are still pondering their next move. In the mean time they show up on schedule to watch the work. They seem a little confused, but they are creatures of habit after all.

-Real estate agents and contractors have a lot of money. At least they spend a lot. I figure they've blown about twelve grand just on tree removal so far. DIH must rely on lightning strikes for that sort of thing. Works, too.

-Big machines with big rubber tracks leave a lot of mud in the alley, much of which will find its way into your house no matter what you do.

-The more trouble a renovation is for the neighbors the less likely the neighbors are to be invited to the housewarming party. This is what happened with the humonguous house across the street. But it's ok, we can still watch their big screen tv from our livingroom, which beats a handful of crudites and some stiff conversation any day.

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Ray from MN said...

And you don't have to dress up to watch TV!