Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Official: Our New Archbishop Rocks

From the Curt Jester, yesterday:

"Reader Peter C let me gave me a heads up on this story:

"As announced in the Saint Joan of Arc bulletin last week:

"Pride Week at SJA: Please join us on Wednesday, June 25 at 7 pm in the church for a prayer service to celebrate and give thanks for the gifts of our Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered community. Celebrate with us in prayer and song - we'll be joined by guest musician and SJA favorite Ann Reed. This service is part of "Pride week in the Twin Cities. FFI on the week's events contact Julie Madden at the Parish Center."

And today, an update:

"One of my readers received this reply from the Archdiocese which is perfect:

"Thank you for your message of concern to Archbishop John Niensedt. Since the Archbishop is in Rome this week receiving his pallium from the Holy Father, I took it upon myself to respond to your commentary/inquiry.

In accord with a previous instruction from the Archbishop, I have contacted the associate pastor of Saint Joan of Arc (the pastor is on a leave of absence following the death of his mother) and directed him to remove the objectionable information about GLBT topics and endorsements of adoption by same sex parents. He assured us this will be done. Last week, the Archdiocese directed me to tell this same priest to cancel an announced GLBT prayer service (which had been initiated not by the priest but by a parish staff member.) This also was done.

We apologize that you were scandalized by these violations of Church teaching but assure you that our Archbishop will not permit such infractions to be repeated or to continue.

God Bless,

Dennis B. McGrath
Director of Communications"


Anonymous said...

I think it is hilarious that you feel so scandalized by the idea of loving same-sex parents adopting children but you adhere to the Catholic Church, the hierarchy of which systematically covered up innumerable cases of pedophilia all over the world.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with people of the same gender being sexually or emotionally attracted to each other. It does not violate the rights of anyone at all, and anyone who has a problem with it is seriously wrongheaded.

And if you adhere to a religion that has a problem with that because of some obscure reading of Leviticus, than that says a lot about you.

Jesus Christ didn't give a damn about homosexuality. The wealthy and the powerful, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am sensing a bit of hostility...LC

Anonymous said...

In fairness to all groups, another public service announcement:
"Pride Week at SJA: Please join us on Wednesday, June 25 at 9 pm in the church for a prayer service to celebrate and give thanks for the gifts of our Thiefs/Arsonist/Rapist/Beastiality community.
Donuts and coffee will be provided, good will offerings accepted.

Joke said...

Dear Anonymous (if that, indeed, is your real name),

I am positively brimming with smugness at being the first person to non-anonymously comment. I'll probably have to confess this smugness, but it'll have been worth any potential penance I may have to undergo.

I'm always amused about people who, borne of their own cursory glances into the matter, tell us what Christ did and didn't give a damn about. Even more amusing is the arrant display of intellectual vacancy required to ascribe motives for people's views.

Still, good luck with that; let us know how it turns out.


teachergirl said...

Joke, I'll help with that penance, if needs be.

Anonymous said...


First, tell me one place in the new testament that Jesus Christ specifically denounced homosexuality.

Second, your claim regarding my "intellectual vacancy" for "ascrib[ing] motives for people's views." is wholly without merit. There is frankly no good or logical reason to be against homosexuality. The only motivating factor that I have ever been able to observe for such feelings relies entirely upon theistic arguments from the Old Testament (never mentioned in the New Testament, by the way) that are used to justify bigotry against a lifestyle which does no harm to anyone.

The religious right uses this obscure and outdated passage to justify systematic discrimination against millions of people all over the world who have no control over their sexuality whatsoever.

What is truly "intellectually vacant" is discrimination against homosexuality. Don't change the name of the game by saying that it is wrong for me to "ascribe motives for people's views" when those views are ignorant and bigoted.