Friday, June 13, 2008

DIH Has Crossed The Rubicon.

Daughter: Mom, what's a slingshot?
DIH: It's kind of like a catapult.
Daughter: I thought it was more like a bow and arrow.
DIH: Well, yeah.
[thoughtful silence]
Daughter: Mom, can I have a slingshot?
DIH: NO! They're dangerous.
Daughter: Why?

[Don't say it, Desperate. Be strong...}

DIH: Because-- because you could hurt somebody.
Daughter: Not if you aim it right. And I'm very careful.
DIH: You may not have a slingshot.
Daughter: But why not? I'll be careful!

[No, Desperate! Don't! Don't do it! Save yourself while you still can!]

DIH: No slingshots. Ever.
Daughter; But why not?
DIH: Because- because--

[I'm begging you!.]

DIH: Because you'll shoot your eye out!



HEATHER said...

But you forgot "Because I SAID SO!!"

teachergirl said...

Welcome to the other side.

Joke said...

My answer to my lads was "Because you'll shoot MY eye out."


Sue said...

Joke, you always have the answer.

Joke said...

Jesuit education, ma'am, Jesuit education...