Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At Last, A Reason To Finish Film School

"Maui to unspool films under the stars"

Fest features bare toes and, hopefully, clear skies

"The great outdoors are back with a vengeance at the Maui Film Festival. No fewer than three outdoor venues in Wailea -- the evocatively named Celestial Cinema, SkyDome and SandDance -- will unspool films under the stars. In addition, this year's fest brands and expands its Seaside Wellness Village, which has been renamed with a more kickback moniker, the Seaside Cinema Lounge.
"It's our toes-in-the-sand town center," says fest director Barry Rivers. "Unlike Sundance or Telluride that have main streets, there's no real town center for Wailea. People spend time on the beach. This is our town center."

"Hence, Seaside Cinema Lounge, which will comprise two huge open-air tents, one of which is for the VIPs, the other for everybody else to enjoy mini-massages and complimentary snacks and beverages. In between the two tents, cineastes of all persuasions will find lots of umbrellas so they can "cross-pollinate" in the shade, as Rivers puts it, and meet the filmmakers after panel discussions on the beach."
[h/t Variety]

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