Monday, May 19, 2008

Tax Cheats and the Cheating Cheaters Who Cheat On Them

In today's Star-Tribune, the results of a poll:

"Republican Sen. Norm Coleman holds a seven-point lead over his DFL challenger Al Franken, who appears to have been weakened by his recent tax problems...'If he can't handle his own affairs, then I don't think he can handle the Senate,' said [one of the people polled]."

42 per cent of those polled say they are not satisfied with the explanations Franken has offered for his failure to pay taxes in half a dozen states where he collected income. "How could you not pay your taxes? that just jumps out at you," said one man who participated in the poll.

And in an "only in Minnesota" response, one man polled added, "Bless his heart, but I don't think he's a qualified as Norm Coleman."

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