Sunday, May 25, 2008

How To Tell Summer Is Here

a) it says "Memorial Day" on the calendar

b) You spend your evening listening for the tornado sirens.

Yes, it's storm season here in the Upper Midwest. We were promised a full afternoon of storms in the Cities. Said storms did not materialize, but now I'm listening to the guys on the radio talk about the Twins' week and they have to keep stopping to tell us where the twisters have been sighted so far. And people say life in the Midwest is quiet.

Last summer we had a day when the sirens blasted outside my house. Note that I say "outside." I was standing in my livingroom watching the wind pick up and the sky turn a sick green, and I thought, "Say- do I hear something?" I had to step outside to make sure. There it was, a distant wail. I don't think this is a very wise strategem, having sirens you can only hear if you go outside. But that's just me. I'm picky.

Anyway we're on alert here. How's everyone else's weekend going?


Ray from MN said...
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Joke said...

We're bracing for Hurricane Season. Due to global cooling, we have been told we'll have 78 hurricanes in June alone.

at least those blanket the news for weeks beforhand, so no sirens are needed. When your car goes sailing by your front window, you know the hurricane is here.


Sue said...


Anonymous said...

Celebrated #4 & #5's birthday yesterday. The family and Godparents were here. After the cupcakes had been eaten and everyone was playing, the other children asked why there was a number 2 on the cake, since #5 was turning 3!! Nice photos those will make one day?! #4's age was correct. One out of two, that's not too bad?! Another BB