Tuesday, April 29, 2008


From Timesonline:

Heston Blumenthal Invents Chocolate Wine

"Heston Blumenthal, the Michelin-starred chef and kitchen chemist who gave the world egg and bacon ice-cream, has won another award for his latest Frankenstein food — warm chocolate wine.

"The velvety, frothy drink is made by whisking a £48 red dessert wine with sugar and chocolate.

"A spokeswoman at the Condé Nast Traveller Innovation and Design Awards said that judges had been seduced by the unusual combination.

“Splicing grapes with cocoa beans and coming up with a surprising chocolate wine has proved a winning formula for Blumenthal,” she said.

"Chocolate wine, which dates back to 1710 and used to be made by whisking claret or port with sugar and chocolate, has been a favourite dessert at The Fat Duck, Blumenthal's restaurant, where it shares a place on the menu alongside other palate-puzzlers such as salmon poached in liquorice gel, snail porridge and mango and Douglas fir purée.

"While other dishes are developed with the help of petri dishes and a dash of liquid nitrogen, Blumenthal uses a centrifuge to separate the solids in preparation for the chocolate wine.

"Aspiring molecular gastronomists can attempt the dish at home by bringing the wine to the boil until it is a syrupy reduction. Adding grated chocolate and milk should produce a dessert with a difference."


Anonymous said...

We are in serious trouble. Run for your lives!!! Wait. He forgot to add expresso...

Anonymous said...

What about that no sugar, chocolate, yada yada yada you were spewing a few hours ago?? Bible Babe

HEATHER said...

2 words-EVIL GENIUS!
Yeah, javajabbing is right, we are in serious trouble!!

Anonymous said...

It will be at the table for our next dinner party.

Anonymous said...

Heresy! Red wine is not to be adulterated with additives. Unless you are making Glog or such in which the wine itself is only a supplementary ingredient.