Wednesday, April 09, 2008

China Si, Communism No

DIH is not sure what to think, really, of trade with China. On the one hand they're a bunch of Commie bastards; on the other hand, the more prosperous the average Cho gets, the less power the party bosses will have over him. Help the Ma and Pa businesses and screw Wen Jiabao, ultimately. I hope.

On the third hand...

My gorgeous daughter is making her First Holy Communion in a few weeks. In the dog-eat-dog world of First Communion shopping DIH was finally able to find a nice one that was a) in her size, b) not laughably over- priced and c) not make in China. Chinese-made mp3 players are one thing. But receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time in a dress made where believing in the Eucharist can land you in a concentration camp- no. Not going to happen in this family.

So this morning I'm sorting the laundry and listening to the Laura Ingraham Show, and Laura's talking about the Chinese crackdown in Tibet and does it make sense tobuy Chinese goods, and I think: Not me, girlfriend. I am righteous. I picked a dress made in South America, thank you very much. And then I found a veil, and--

And it dawned on me I didn't know where the veil was made.

So I checked the label.

And sure enough: "MADE IN CHINA."

I'm no saint, God knows. But I can't send my daughter up to receive Our Lord for the first time wearing a pretty white veil that for all I know was made by slave labor somewhere in the Laoghai.

So, Sophia and I are going to have to have a talk. (She loves the veil we bought. It has little fake pearls and don't have those nasty plastic combs that dig into your scalp.) We will talk about despicable things, like imprisoned bishops and murdered missionaries. And thenwe will throw the veil in the trash.

ANd then we'll go shopping again. And if we still can't find a non-Chinese First Communion veil-- uh-- is anybody out there good at arts and crafts?


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I don't recall where Big Girl's dress was made, but she wore my old veil, which if I remember correctly, was bought at K-Mart with my dress (which is too small for either girl - I was TINY).

A veil from your First Communion or a family-member's veil from long-ago might be just the ticket. And the fact that it's yellow and the dress is not just makes for good conversation.

HEATHER said...
This is the first thing that comes up with Google. Although, I would just find a white headband, cover it with satin, hot glue some lace or tulle and adorn with pearls or rosettes.
When I googled "how to make a first communion veil" the second link had a beautiful veil for sale, that was made on the headband
look. Google around and see what you can find. You survived Catholic school dear lady, you can do this! I will warn you, that most of the craft items you find will be made in China.

teachergirl said...

My mother-in-law made my wedding veil: embroidery hoop (yes, an embroidery hoop) wrapped in satin ribbon with the veiling and satin ribbon and comb attached by hand with needle and thread. Surely you could take a headband, ribbon and veiling to match and do the same. I wish I could help. But, alas, I am nowhere near Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

thanks for reminding us. Three dresses in the house...all from China. Can't tell about the veil is from. Another BB

Anonymous said...

This Bible Babes daughter's dress came from Columbia (not a virueous act by me, just happen to be from there, however on a search for a new viel they seem to be from China or not labeled and then of course I assume they are from China. Hey I am pretty confident we can make viels if we would like...who said Bible Babes can't do arts and crafts?? Oh yeah Susan that was YOU!

Joke said...

I can check if you're really serious. Ovah heah, the stores that carry such things invariably have them brought from Spain.

I'm also pleased to have sons, who only have to show up in a navy blazer and grey trousers and a strange polyester white tie.

Oh, and that China veil? I'd burn it. It's not like taking the 30 pieces of silver and buying a potter's field, but it's close.


Adoro te Devote said...

I was also going to suggest buying a headband and gluing or sewing lace or a mantilla to it. I see that someone already suggested that.

I hate all the goods from China, too.