Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From Today's Headlines:

"Minnesotans push on towards Iditarod finish"

"As dog teams in Alaska start crossing the finish line in the 1,000-plus-mile Iditarod race, several current and former Minnesotans are mushing on today in the sled dog marathon.

"Ken Anderson, who graduated from Forest Lake High School and moved to Alaska in 1993, is fourth; Paul Gebhardt, who grew up near Glencoe and moved to Alaska in the 1970s, is eighth.

"Jennifer Freking, of Finland, Minn., who lost a dog over the weekend when her team was struck by a snowmobile, is 56th. Her husband, Blake, is 57th.

"Joe Gans, who graduated from Chaska High School in 2003 and now lives in Alaska, is 59th; Jake Berkowitz, who grew up in St. Paul and now lives in Michigan, is 61st; and Richard Savoyski, who grew up in Chanhassen and now lives in Alaska, is 79th."

I don't know what to make of this last paragraph:

"John Stetson of Duluth dropped out last week after one of his dogs died of pneumonia."

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