Monday, January 14, 2008

More Blog Improvements

Browsing the blogoshpere I've learned a few things. Lesson for today: the surest way to blogging popularity is to include a lot of yummy, family-friendly recipes among your posts. All the popular blogs seem to feature foodie news. Crock-pot recipes, tempting wintertime comfort foods, last-minute miracle suppers.

So I've decided to climb on the helpful kitchen hints bandwagon. Enjoy- these are my favorites!

It's nearly five o'clock! You've been busy all day but now everyone is coming home for supper and you've got nothing ready! What to do?
Don't fret, girlfriend! Just pick up the telephone. In half an hour you can have a satisfying supper on the table, complete with all the nutrients your growing family needs. Did you know that tomatoes are an outstanding source of lycopene? Cheese has oodles of calcium, and garlic has been a known source of healing nutirents for centuries! So call Dominos, Mom. Your family will thank you for it.

"Not meat loaf again!?"
Nope! Not tonight! How does this sound, harried homemaker: 8 grams of fiber, 9 grams of protein, and 20% of your daily phosphorus requirement, all for under 200 calories! And adding a splash of milk to your Kashi Go Lean Crunch will give your calcium levels a boost, too. This tasty whole-grain product is also a real conversation starter for you and your kids: try having a "who has the most gunk stuck in his molars" contest and see where it takes you!

Chicken. Everybody loves it. Five bucks will buy you a savory roaster at Costco. Head to the frozen foods ailse and grab a bag of Tater Tots and you're on your way. Don't forget to hand 'round the Flintstones vitamins!

Keep those micorwaves humming, America. And have a pleasant evening.


Anonymous said...

"Keep those micorwaves humming, America. And have a pleasant evening." Interesting...since since your microwave does not work! (again) Bible Babe

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the V8!

Anonymous said...

How about the flax seed and cod liver oil, the lemon variety,mmmm
another bible babe

Joke said...

You're doing this to wound me, I can tell.


I offer it all up for souls in Purgatory, who, as a consequence, are being flung out at Mach 5, that one could be forgiven for thinking a catapult had been installed there.