Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kennedy Wars!

So "Caroline Kennedy", who until recently was known as "Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg" (did she get divorced? DIH didn't notice. Or maybe she just goes by "Kennedy" in election season. You know, for clarity), has endorsed Barack Obama, in the New York Times no less. Within days the Kennedy famiily was forming battle lines.

So far it's Caroline, Uncle Ted and cousin Patrick, Teddy's boy, on the pro-Barack side. That's assuming Patrick knows where he is or what he's doing, which is anyone's guess. Maybe he thought he was on his way to another important congressional vote and ended up onstage with Dad instead. A useful sort of person to have around, when you think about it.

And on the other side we have Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of the late RFK and former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, and her bro's, announcing they were for HIllary.

Yep. Looks like Civil war in Camelot.

What DIH wants to know is: what about all you other Kennedys out there? Whose side are you on?

And I don't mean just you Hyannisport K's. Anyone whose name is Kennedy should weigh in on this. Let's make it a clan war. Fight songs, banners, skirling bagpipes, empty booze bottles flying through the air, the works.

So what do you say, K-folk? Barack or Hillary? Patrick or Robert Jr.? Ted or Katie?

Let me hear from you.

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