Saturday, January 19, 2008

In the Meantime...

The current temp in Minneapolis is minus 14. Wind chill makes it feel like something like minus 26.

Which brings me to the topic for today:
Top Ten Reasons Why There Has To Be A City All The Way Up Here.

1. Everyone on earth named "Olson" has a place to call home.
2. The lost art of earflaps tailoring can survive.
3. It probably makes the South Dakotans feel a little smarter knowing we're farther north than they are.
4. Snowdrifts are handy places to "lose" the Christmas lutefisk.
5. Long winter nights are the perfect time to contemplate the eternal question: Germans or Norwegians: who really rules?
6. Sure, it's miserable now. But when Global Warming really hits the fan, baby, watch out!
7. You never know when Canada might try something. (We're watching you, Bacon Boys.)
8. It really impresses your friends back East when you tell them how cold it was when you took out the garbage last night.
9. Where else could a major city thoroughfare be named "Cretin Avenue" and nobody laughs? (Honest. Look it up.)
10. In a down jacket nobody can tell you've gained ten pounds. Bring on the mac and cheese.


Adoro te Devote said...

1. How did you know my last name!?

And for the record, my Dad came from Michigan, Eh!

2. Earflaps are great for skiing.

3. Yeah, but they've got nuthin' to break the wind. So, we're smarter.

4. Snowdrifts's better to keep it in a freezer and bury it in a landfill in the spring.

5. Swedes and Irish!

6. Yeah...I KNOW you're not a Gore-bertine.

7. At least they have good skiing in Canada.

8. Yeah.

9. LOL! It DOES happen to pass through an industrial area. No judgment...just sayin'.

10. Right On sister!

Joke said...

If I had something called "lutefisk" I'd want to lose it.