Sunday, December 10, 2006

Party Time,Con't.

More helpful hints from Mrs. V.

Match your wine to your walls. If your livingroom is "Kansas Grain" stick with chardonnay. That way when somebody- and I am still mystified as to how they managed this- splashes a bottle of vino all over your white walls you won't have a huge purple splotch you have to paint over. (Note to self: check garage for "Kansas Grain.")

Leave a table of art supplies out for the kids. Not only will they enjoy drawing pictures, they will leave each other charming little messages ("YOU ARE DED METE") which will make the evening special.

When the DJs show up be ready. Do not assume they are the umpteenth pair of hoodie-wearing dogooders showing up on your doorstep at dinnertime who want you to sign a petition demanding clean water in Minnesota. You become the stuff of "nightmare women we've worked for" legend that way.

Do not pat yourself on the back for getting a new memory card for the camera until you have actually located the camera.

A Santa muttering to himself in Yiddish is an especially intriguing treat for the children. Let their parents tell them what "mishegas" means.

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Mike S said...

Hi, Susan,
Glad I found tour blog; I'll be back. Glad you made it through your party.

Sounds like the guest with the red wine made more work for me :)..Yes, it's me........

Mike the Painter