Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Now That's What I Call News

New Moms at Risk for Wide Range of Mental Problems

'CHICAGO (Dec. 6) - New moms face increased risks for a variety of mental problems, not just postpartum depression, according to one of the largest studies of psychiatric illness after childbirth.'

Like short-term memory loss, long-term memory loss, Barney addiction....

"New dads aren't as vulnerable, probably because they don't experience the same physical and social changes associated with having a baby, the researchers and other experts said.'

Did you hear that? "Experts." Really, really smart and overpaid ones.

"Mental health is crucial to a mother's capacity to function optimally, enjoy relationships, prepare for the infant's birth, and cope with the stresses and appreciate the joys of parenthood," the editorial says.'

They finally figured that one out, huh.....

"Two of the editorial's three authors reported financial ties to the psychiatric drug industry."

Damn. Why couldn't they have worked for Botox? 'New moms desperately need cosmetic surgery." Or maybe Chanel. "New moms must have spiffy new wardrobes." No, wait- why couldnt they have worked for Ferrari?

These reports are always so disappointing.


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Joke said...

It's like those headlines that trumpet: "CONSERVATIVES SHOWN TO BE SATANIC SPAWN, Group Says"