Friday, December 29, 2006


One of the reasons we chose our current parish is it has a perpetual adoration chapel. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there's a small room open off he main part ofhte church where the Sacrament is exposed. You can come in any hour of the day or night and do some spiritual reading or meditate in peace.


Unless, of course, Mother of God Man decides to drop in.

He sits at the back of the room, eyes shut, head resting on his hand. Seems perfectly harmeless until all of a sudden you hear him sigh, "Mother of God!"

Then there's a moment's silence. Then, louder this time, "Mother of God!"

Another brief stretch of peace- but don't get your hopes up, because here it comes again in a full-fledged moan:

I've tried timing his ourtbursts. I think he might be saying the Hail Mary. Apparently "Mother of God" is his favorite part. I suppose I should be grateful he's not wailing the whole prayer aloud. But the guy's a real pain. I'm beginning to think one of the many bumps in my paths to sanctity may be Mother of God Man. I figure every time I suppress the urge to turn around and let him have it- "Yo! MOG-man! Put a sock in it back there!" -- I'm earning anti-Purgatory points.

But I swear one of these days I'm going to smack this guy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there is woman at my church, prior to Friday noon mass, must say the Stations of the Cross...ALOUD...with HER OUTDOOR VOICE.

Go figure.

Ray from MN said...

MOG-Man sure beats the guy I used to run into over the the Nativity St Paul Adoration Chapel, late at night. He was given to loud and prolongued sighs every minute or two.

But if there were parimutual betting going on, I think I would place my ten spot on the church employee at Lumen Christi's Adoration Chapel in Highland Park in St Paul who was my 7:00 a.m. relief for a time.

He would bring his coffee and Egg McMuffins in with him along with reading material. I don't believe he's there any more.

But it would be difficult to meditate to the sounds of the slurping of coffee and munching on breakfast.

bearing said...

You guys need to read St. Therese of Lisieux again. Mother of God Man and Egg McMuffin Man are first cousins to Sister of the Mysterious Clicking Noise, who used to drive her crazy.

Only instead of complaining, of course, she made the best of it. That's why we call her saint.