Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Horse And His Boy

"NEW YORK It was one of the most sensational news stories off 2005, gone but not forgotten (by some): the case of a man from Enumclaw, Wash., who died in the act of [DIH edits here] with a horse -- at a farm known on the Web as the place to go to fufill such fantasies.

Now, inevitably, the incident is the focus of a new documentary, appropriately titled, "Zoo," and recently picked as a selection of next January's Sundance Film Festival, no less. It's being described as a "humanizing" view of a local "normal family" who has a "strange and fatal" encounter. " (Editor & Publisher)

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Ray from MN said...

I saw that one and passed on mentioning it. But when it shows at Sundance, I will.

It is the natural consequence of a society that sees no limit on the definition or institution of marriage. The polygamy lobbies are out in force already and "ZOO" is the first salvo of the next amendments.

don said...

"Big Love", "Zoo", what's next??? A diverse, tolerant, touchy feely schlockumentory about the joys of NAMBLA ????

Joke said...

Can anyone here tell me what's holding up the Second Coming?


Christopher McLaughlin said...

...the squirrels!

IR said...

Ummmmm--"human" face?