Friday, December 15, 2006

Do You Hear What I Hear....

THE SCENE: Barack "Next President of the United States" Obama is giving a speech in New Hampshire. In the crowd he spots Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Maureen has recently written a column that refers to Obama's enormous ears.
Immediately following the speech Obama makes a beeline for Dowd.

As recorded by C-SPAN:

OBAMA (off mic): You talked about my ears, and I just want to put you on notice: I'm very sensitive about -- What I told them was, ''I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.'"

DOWD (purring): We're trying to toughen you up

Not that the NYT is campaigning for this guy or anything. But have they thought about what this could mean?

THE SCENE: 2009. President Barack Obama meets with Iranian president Ahmadinejad.

OBAMA: I'm putting you on notice.
AHMADINEJAD: We will bury you!
OBAMA: I meant lay off my ears!
AHMADINEJAD: We will bury you, Dumbo-head!

THE SCENE: 2010. President Obama meets with Democrat flacks.

JAMES CARVILLE: Mr. President, we've been conducting a listening tour, and--
OBAMA: What's that, a joke?
OBAMA: A listening tour'? Was that a wisecrack?
CARVILLE: I meant-
OBAMA: I know what you meant, baldy!
CARVILLE: Now hold on a minute-
OBAMA: See how you like it! Baldy-bean, Baldy-bean!
CARVILLE: Mr President, there has to be a better way to handle Iran.

THE SCENE: 2011. President Obama meets with Ahmadinejad.

AHMADINEJAD: We meet again.
OBAMA: Nose to nose.
OBAMA: Oh nothing. Look. I have a plan right here.
OBAMA: It's right here. Right under your nose.
OBAMA. Hand me my umbrella, I think he's going to sneeze.
AHMADINEJAD: Your negotiating skills-

I can't wait for this campaign. It should be a real blast from what I hear--
Oops. Sorry, Barack.
h/t Limbaugh

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theproprietor said...

Though his ears appear to be of normal size to most people, the fact that he took offense to a comment about his ears has, figuratively, blown them out of proportion. Thanks to Dowd's comments and Obama's reaction to them some in the marketplace have capitalized on the Big Ears Scandal. Check this out this blog: