Monday, November 13, 2006

"Oh yeah. You blend."

SUNDAY. Go to Costco. Bring husband along. All goes well until we step into the fateful aisle where a woman is demonstrating a blender. "This is not like any blender you've seen before! It's more powerful than Osterizer or Cuisinart . This blender comes equipped with a two-horsepower motor!"

All over Costco the male of the species stop dead in their tracks. Did she say--horsepower?

"That's right, two horsepower! With this blender you can make a fresh batch of peanut butter in seconds. Watch! I'm using only organic peanuts- I pour in the nuts and I flip this switch--" RRRMMMMMM-"and voila, fresh organic peanut butter!"

Male of species move closer. "Mmm-- peanut buttter....."
Female of species (doubtful): "Well- no trans fats is good..."

"Make fresh soup in less than five minutes! Hot tomato tortilla soup- try some!"

"So it cooks?" I ask.

"Yes it does!" beams the demo lady.

"Where does the heat come from?"

"The friction of the motor provides all the heat you need!"

Male of species: "Just the friction?"

Demo lady: "Of course. It's a two-horespower motor!"

You can now actually watch the men's thought processes in action. "Horsepower. Me like horsepower. Horsepower good for guys. Horsepower not for girls!"

"I"LL TAKE IT!" yells the spouse.


Anonymous said...

Where's the link? I want one!

Joke said...

It works as advertised and it will puree granite.

That said, for everyday usage, an Oster beehive is far more friendly.

And cheaper,


Beezgal said...

My husband bought one while we were engaged, before they came out with the quieter one currently at Costco (our second home). Seven years later, it causes our one year old to put her chubby hands over her ears, but, works great! We call it the "Vita vita veggie vixer."

Jennifer said...

Graphic designers can afford Armani?