Friday, October 27, 2006

Still Sleazy

I see I still have my porno ad. But as one of you pointed out, it is election season, so maybe this puts me right in line with the rest of the media.

Are any of you out there writers? I mean, people writing books?

Great- now can you remind me, please, why anyone on earth becomes a writer in the first place?

DIH is determined to finish her [insert string of ranting adjectives here] book in the next few months. But this is a dread task. I have files on top of files, draft bits on top of draft bits, chapter rewrites on top of chapter rewrite-- and for some reason I seem to have given every last one of them the same title on my hard drive, so I have to wade through every one before I remember what's in it.

I am also beginning to suspect I've done a lot of "mental rewriting." You know, the kind where you're dropping off to sleep and you suddenly get an inspiration- Aha! That's the way to say that! Perfect! Then you look at your manuscript a few days later and it seems you never wrote your inspiration down...

I am sick of wading through files. But the alternative is to start all over--- re-invent the wheel--

DIH is open to suggestions.

In the meantime I cling to the belief that it will all come right in the end.


Ray from MN said...

I have no solutions, Desperate. My short story attempts sound like your book.

You might want to touch base with Mitchell of Our Word. He swore off blogging about four months ago so he could finish his "Great American/Upper Midwest/Minnesota/Downtown Minneapolis novel.

I don't think he's that close to finishing yet. You two might want to chat and commiserate.

[Why do they want my blogger password to post a comment on your blog? It might be cuz I just deleted all my history files because I couldn't keep my regular visits on top of my browser page.]

Joshua said...

There is a way to go into Google Adsense and block individual Ads. You could do that if you don't like any one particular ad on your site.