Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh for pity's sake.

Every so often the powers that be at Google grant humble DIH an "ad." This is a little box at the top of my blog. I have no control over what goes into this box- usually it reflects something I've written about lately, if it's there at all.

But for the past few days some joker has seen fit to stick me with a porn ad. (Is it still there?) I have written to Google telling them to take it down, but no luck as of this moment.

Well, all I can say is there are a lot of idiots in the world, and apparently some of them are employed by the mighty Google. Maybe DIH will get lucky and they will be relocated to China where they can do Google's dirty work with more gusto.

In the meantime my apologies to my readers.


Anonymous said...

That (and that I had lots of Democratic ads during election season, not to mention abortion ads) is part of why I switched to CrispAds ( You can choose keywords so as to avoid things like pro abortion ads. Google uses some word-recognition thing, I think, which is how I wound up with clinic ads on my site for about a week.

Mr. Friendly said...

Can't you turn the ads off?

Jeffus said...

Nope sorry, It's still there. 'fraid I don't have any suggestions.

Ray from MN said...

Fortunately, I have trained myself to "keep custody over my eyes" as Father Robert Altier recommends.

Thus I rarely look at ads on web pages (except for those insanely obnoxious Denny Heckert car ads in the Strib you lambasted a few weeks ago).

I would not have noticed the ad had you not brought it up, so most of your readers probably wouldn't have noticed it either.

I have had good luck getting a live response from a real person on the few occasions when I have contacted Google with suggetions.

Rather than a complaint line, maybe try a "suggestion" line where it is more likely that people are reading the messages.