Sunday, October 15, 2006

Midnight Mysteries (Or Things To Ponder At 3am)

Why do Barbie dolls come with shoes?

Is saying "all glory and honor is Yours" like saying "my mother and father is here"?

My neighbor has two kids. Why is he building an 8,000 square foot house? And what are they going to do in there?

Does EWTN have a sugar daddy, and if so since he's clearly into NRFPT (not ready for prime time) acts, how come he never sends me a check?

Why does anyone live in International Falls?

How come I always wake up at 3am? What's wrong with 4am, or 5, or 6?


teachergirl said...

Hey, I wake up at 4AM and it's no better. Think pleasant thoughts....think pleasant thoughts.....

Jeannine said...

"All glory and honor is yours" is perfectly ok. "Glory" and "honor" are essentially the same thing, so the two together can be considered singular. Another example would be this (rather less inspiring) one: "Spaghetti and meatballs is his favorite meal." A pasta and a meat--but they make one dish.

Sue said...

So next time I'm in court I can call the judge "Your Glory"?
"This party is in glory of Jim"?
"Let's glorify our servicemen"?
Sorry, Jeannine. Not buying it. Glory is glory, honor is honor, and the crowd that translated the liturgy were illiterates.
Personally I suspect they were in league with the language nazis who engineered the whole "whoever owns their house" or "everyone has their opinion" scam.

Joke said...

1- Blame the ICEL

2- On the other hand, EWTN really DID a have a full hour of Dion. And it was good, even if it was "radio with pictures."


P.S. Your pal Fr. Rutler got a nice (if oblique) mention in the WSJ.

Christopher McLaughlin said...

you're still obsessing over getting to that leaf blower first. Just burn down the oaks and sleep late.