Monday, October 16, 2006

Coverup or Social Climbing?

Last Friday the local rag published a piece on how the two gubernatorial candidates are reaching out to hunters. Both the candidates say they are hunters themselves and wanted the support of their fellow woodsmen.

The paper published two photos. Top pic: Democratic candidate, sitting on the grass, his arm around a magnificent yellow labrador retriever. The Lab was ID'd as his dog, "Laddy". I mean a gorgeous dog. Big, wide head, perfect coat, gentle dark eyes, at least 100 pounds. Perfect. Almost made me want to vote for the guy.

Bottom pic: Republican guy in a silly hat, brandishing a rifle behind a dead deer.

Tbe message is clear, right? Democrat hunters are dog-lovers, Republican ones are deer killers.
Even for such a rabidly Dem paper as the local rag, DIH thought this was a bit of a stinker. But that's politics.

So I open the Sunday paper and what do I find? Pictures of the Democrat guy running around playing with two dogs, one of whom was identified as "Laddy."


Look, I apologize to any Golden lovers out there, but face it: Labs rule. Everyone knows this. Pick up the next LLBean catalogue that tumbles into you mailbox. Where would that company be if they took out all the labs? What do you think would happen to their profits? They'd plummet.

Who does this guy think he's kidding? Is he trying to pass for a Lab lover? What did he do, borrow the dog for a photo op? Hire him? "Hey, pooch, wanna make fifty bucks?"

I know this Democrat guy's numbers are in the polling dumpster, and I'm aware that everyone pulls out all the stops in the final weeks before Election Day. But this is a new low.

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