Friday, October 20, 2006

Cold One

We are deep into campaign season and the lawn signs are sprouting up like mushrooms. Here in Minnesota there's the same landscaping dichotomy you see every fall: within the Twin Cities the lawn signs are all for the DFLers, but the minute you leave the city limits they're all for Republicans. Being a city person I tend to see mostly the DFLers.

One sign in particular has held my interest for weeks now: apparently there's a beer running for state office. Blue "awards ribbon" design on a white background, red diagonal stripe behind the blue ribbon. I've seen this design before, on the labels of beer bottles. Pabst Blue Ribbon. I wonder if they'll sue for copyright in fringement.

Today I got a flyer from the Pabst man. "My name is Alex Whitney, and I'm a Gay Republican." The photograph is of a young guy with brown hair, wearing what looks like a wedding band on his right hand and a loud green Izod polo shirt,complete with alligator. The "preppie circa 1979" look.

All things considered I think I'd rather vote for Pabst.

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Mr. Friendly said...

You really know how to establish your east coast bona fides. Are there any Utica Club candidates?