Thursday, October 05, 2006

Air America Is A Laugh A Minute If You're Dead?

Every once in a while I listen to "Air America," because- well, because somebody has to, I guess. (I should add that when I take various young relatives to the three-ring circus I usually watch the outer two rings for the same reason.)

So I'm listening today and Al Franken reads an email: "Dear Mr. Franken, Whoever told you you were funny? Must've been your mother. Stick to the news."

Al's sidekick spoke up. "Al, I know you're too much of a gentleman to respond to that, so may I respond? Mr. Listener- Al's mother is DEAD! Hmph!" As Al murmured something he added, "Typical right-winger!"

I guess this means if you work for Air America you think "typical right wingers" all agree that...

That Al Franken should stick to the news?

That the fact that someone's mother is dead means she could never have said "My son is so funny"?

That only dead people could consider him funny?

Man, I don't think they know what the heck they're doing over there. No wonder they never get paid.

For the record I thought "The Al Franken Decade" skit on SNL was pretty funny.


Joke said...

He's nothing--NOTHING!--without Davis.


Christopher McLaughlin said...

anonymous is right dammit! Photos we need photos!