Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who Thought Of This?

What are they thinking over at the Minneapolis Star Tribune?

What are they THINKING?

What the hell is this stupid wallpaper thing they're making me look at before I can see the damn headlines??

It's 5:30 in the morning. I'm up to satisfy the newsjones that wakes me up too early. So I flip open my trusty laptop and, naturally, I turn to the Star-Tribune.

And what do I get? The ugliest ad I've ever seen online. And it takes up the whole screen. And it won't go away.

Bright blue background- I mean BRIGHT blue, the kind even my teenage niece would describe as "a little loud." Covered with row after row of what look like -- I don't know. Biscuits gone wrong? Something the dog gagged up? They're beige, anyway. And there's some little red do-dad on every one, looks like Walt Disney's signature.

It turns out it's an ad for some kind of auto service. The biscuits-gone-wrong are supposed to be cars (I think); the red script is the company's name. I have to look at it for about ten seconds while my beachball gives me that "you are my prisoner" spin. I can't get rid of the ad. I just have to wait.

I tried this twice. It happened both times.

I'm not going to try it again. Get a clue, Strib- ugly is no way to start the day.

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Ray from MN said...

Good morning, like-minded wallpaper hater!

Denny Hecker's automobile empire is now number 3,581 on my list of boycotted places that I refuse to buy from.

Just when I thought I had the pop-up disease cured, they come up with this. Its only saving grace is that it does disappear automatically after 10 or 15 seconds. But I still hate it.