Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Other (More Likely) Devil Candidates

The squirrels in my yard. Especially the little b*stard scampering away with a tulip bulb in his maw yesterday.

My contractor.

My high school driving instructor. Also all those State Policemen who gave me my first 75 road tests.

The inventor of the CD jewel box.

The inventor of Play-Dough. (Man, I hate that stuff!)

A certain blonde who shall go nameless.



Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Play Dough, in my humble opinion, is the single best reason to send your kids to at least some kind of structured care, at least once a week. There, on someone else's floor, with someone else's furniture, and someone else's pets, your child can be as creative as they like with as much 'Do' as they want. I banned Play Dough when, iwht first child, we lived in a house with carpets (have you ever tried to get it out of carpet? ) and briefly succumbed to the Play Dough begging once more when (with three kids) we moved to a house with floorboards and tiles. It even sticks to grout, and the cracks in the floorboards? Still there, three years later. Still luminous pink and bilious green.
We recently moved house again, just to get away it.

Get thee behind me, Play Dough, you will never cross my threshhold again.

(thanks for the suggestions, I am here via Joke's blog, just so you know who to blame...)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

And I forgot to add special endorsement for Barney. I don't know who your blonde is but Barney has GOT to be worse.

How does the song go? "I love you, you love me, kill a goat and worship me." something like that, anyway.