Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OK, OK....

...I'll play the meme game. Thanks, Georgette (http://Chonicles of a Meandering Traveller):

Five things in my freezer:

homemade marinara sauce
homemade meat sauce
homemade lentil soup
homemade pesto sauce (in ice-cube trays- you can use as much as you need that way)
mint chip ice cream

Five things in my closet:

fleece robe
summer robe
dress my daughter wore as a flower girl in July
clothes I don't wear any more
laundry baskets

(Is this anybody's idea of interesting? Good Lord...)

Five things in my car:

daughter's car pool number
map of Twin Cities to settle arguments with the spouse
map of Northern Virginia- for old times' sake

Five interesting things in my backpack:

I am way past the "backpack" stage of life.

Five people I tag:

Erin, Ray, Joke, Maggie, Barb
(let's see who's really reading this...)


Georgette said...

HA! Those are great! I'll trade ya the contents of your freezer for mine! mmmmm, all those homemade sauces!!

Ray from MN said...

Yeah, that freezer selection is excellent. I like the "ice cube tray" tip. Being single, I tend to eat it all (if you hadn't noticed). The ice cube tray sounds like a good way to portion things. Although "one" wouldn't be nearly enough.

Anyhoo, Cathy_of_Alex (Recovering Dissident Catholic) tagged me also on the "5 things" meme and I'll meander out to the car and see what's there and put something up.

Thanks, Desperate! You ARE on my regular rounds. But you've had too many vacations this Summer!

Joke said...


There you are. (I was trying some feed thing and, um, here I am all contrite and stuff.)

I'll be up later today.


Christopher McLaughlin said...

how come you don't tag me?

bearing said...

Ray already tagged me. does this mean I have to do this again?