Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The Hollywood Reporter announced today that CBS has given a pilot commitment to an "exorcism-themed" drama. The pilot script is being written by Barbara Hall, who created the series "Joan of Arcadia." It will be executive produced by Hall and Joe Roth.

According to HR, "Details of the project, from CBS Paramount Network Television and studio-based Joe Roth Television, are still sketchy, but it is understood to revolve around exorcists and others who investigate supernatural phenomena."

DIH is happy to offer her services to Ms. Hall and Mr. Roth. She knows all about possession and demonic infestation, having witnessed many cases of it in her day. Examples (WARNING: not for the faint of heart):

"The Garage Door From Hell." Up and down, up and down for hours at a time. Especially on icy winter days. Spooky.

"Spontaneous Underwear." You exorcise the foul stuff from the bedroom floor, but IT KEEPS COMING BACK. Ditto Demon Dust Bunnies.

"The Eternal Writing Project." You swear you had three hundred pages, but the printer only gives you 50. (Printer possession, or phantom work? Not sure.)

And don't even talk to me about VCRs, the funny smell in the basement or the five pounds that reappear at will. My life is full of the devil's work. About time I found a use for it. Ms. Hall? Call me any time.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Where does the missing dryer sock really go?

Sue said...

As Jerry Seinfeld explained so long ago, they run away and join puppet shows.