Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Household Hints

From Mrs. V.

Before going grocery shopping, write a list. This gives you something to leave in the car while you wander around Costco testing your memory. This is especially important if you're over forty.

Buy one of those fancy electric toothbrushes. Slather it with toothpaste then turn it on before you stick it inside your mouth. Marvel at the intricate patterns spattered toothpaste makes on walls, mirrors, etc. (Yell at your family if they try this.)

If your central air conditioning fails during the next heat wave, drag an old window unit out of the garage and stick in in a window. Leave it on for a few days. All those Mexican guys who make a living sanding warped floors will say "Gracias."

If you decide to take a stab at the garden, make sure you're going for that "zen" look- a couple of well-placed rocks, a juniper bush and not much else. This is probably all you will have left anyway.

Throw a lot of stuff out. It's fun.

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