Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You Said It, Prince.

I say we will have no more marriages!
(Hamlet, Act III, scene i.)

After attending two family weddings in two weeks, DIH is with Hamlet on this one. She hereby requests that no other members of her family get married this summer. If anyone insists on jumping the broom anyway, she respectfully sends her regrets.

The weddings were lovely, of course, and the events were joyous, I'm so happy for them, yadda yadda yadda. Also it was a rare opportunity to view the latest in wedding fashions.

Especially during the photo session for one of the weddings.

Before the ceremony on East 91st Street we were all bused over to the Central Park Conservatory for pics. The Conservatory is a wildly popular spot for wedding pictures. The gates and the gardens are pretty irresistible, and brides and young Hispanic girls celebrating their quinceaneras sign up for reservations by the boatload. As we waited our turn at the gate- there are always photo sessions going on there in the summer and you basically ave to wait in line for your turn under the arbors- we had a chance to compare our party's duds to everyone else's.

This is actually not a very interesting passtime, even for the fashion-conscious. After the first few gowns they all start to look alike- you get kind of "snowblind," as they say in the wedding biz. But I was intrigued by one wedding party. The bridesmaids wore strapless satin gowns with full, poofy skirts. The satin was a soft beige, not in itself very eye-catching, but each girl carried the most exquisite bouquet of pastel roses. A couple of the blooms in each bouquet matched the color of the dress; the rest were soft peaches, pinks and and ivories. The whole effect was quite delicately pretty. It would have been perfect except for the tattoos.

It was hard to take my eyes off the bridesmaid with the large, angry dragon coiling over her shoulder, or the snake writhing its way up another girl's forearm. Now there's an accessory I bet the bride didn't count on. Can't say I've seen it in many issues of "Bride's Magazine," either.

Tattoos. Sheesh. I'm all in favor of personal expression, but can anyone say "lack of foresight"?


Christine said...

Careful...I opened up a can of worms on tattoos on my site last week or so.

But I agree completely. How interesting it will be to see an 80 year old woman with a big dragon tattooed on her shoulder...

Oh, and I saw this guy at the KOA pool while vacationing this week. He had several tattoos, but one was a circle with flames emitting from it...around his navel. How will that look in 20 to 30 pounds?


bearing said...

Frankly, I think the lack of foresight was on the part of the bride. She probably should have asked about tattoos before picking out the dresses.

Mom Nancy said...

I never have understood tattoos. I remember going to a morning Mass at our church. This was a Mass for the whole school, so non-school people were relegated to the back pews. As I knelt in my pew a young girl came in and knelt in front of me. She wore a strapless black tube top or something and had a big black rose on her shoulder, facing me. Not really conducive to "putting myself in the presence of God." I also wonder about what happens when you get "old"? I also worry about those people with lots of piercings. Hard, I would think, to explain to the grandchildren.

John said...

Hi Susan, thank you for writing and welcome to St Blog's! Your site has been added to the directory as requested. AOL rejects our email so I'm leaving this note here.

Sue said...

John- many thanks! DIH