Monday, July 31, 2006

A New York Moment

The scene: outside the Church of Our Savior, 38th and Park, last Monday morning. A black-clad crowd milling around in front of the church, watching the pallbearers load my mother-in-law's casket into the hearse.

Suddenly DIH feels a sharp pain in her ankle. She looks down. She sees the outraged face of a toddler. The toddler is sitting in a stroller, which has just been rammed into DIH's ankle.

DIH looks up. The same outraged expression on the very similar face of the child's mother, pushing the stroller. The mother is clearly put out by the people who are crowding what is, in her opinion, her sidewalk.

Outraged Mother: EXCUUUUSE ME!

DIH: (In disbelief) Lady-- this is a funeral.

Outraged mother: [storming off] Hmph!

I watched the two of them head uptown. I wondered if the O.M. might have had any misgivings.

Probably not. That's New York.

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