Saturday, July 29, 2006

Drunken Celebrity Smackdown!

PATRICK: smashed car into U.S. Government property.
MEL: Speeding on a highway.

PATRICK: "How dare you- I am a United States Congressman!"
Mel: "I am so f----d."

PATRICK: "I'm late for a vote!" [with Congress out of session]
MEL: "Huhhhh? Whahhhh.... echhhh..."

PATRICK: No Breathalizer test.
MEL: Given Breathalizer test on the scene.

PATRICK: Chauffered home by U.S. Capitol Police.
MEL: Cuffed and taken to jail in squadcar.

PATRICK: slapped on wrist.
MEL: will probably get a lot more than that.

NEW YORK TIMES ON PATRICK: "This poor troubled lad, the family curse, etc."
NEW YORK TIMES ON MEL: DIH can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

The major rpoblem with mel Gibson's tirade and drunkeness has not been the DUI, but rather the anti-semitic rant he went on (which is notably absent from your list of quotes). He repeatedly said things such as "F***ng jews, the jews are responsible for all the wars in the world". That is the controversy, not a percieved liberal bias that is trying to make a bigger deal out of a conservative drunk driving and a liberal drunk driving. Mel has a relatively low bail (5,000), and will also likely recieve just a slap on the wrist. So you are completely and utterly incorrect about what you posted, and the NY Times has said nothing of note about the case.

Sue said...

Yo, "Anonymous"-
Info on the rant didn'y come out til long after I posted, hence its "notable absence."
Thanks for the courageous post--"Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

"Gibson, who apologized Saturday for making "despicable" remarks in what was described as an anti-Semitic tirade after a drunk driving arrest, in some ways now finds himself at the mercy of a Hollywood establishment that may or may not be inclined to extend forgiveness."

I would first like to take note of the day. It would be Saturday, the same day as your post. Secondly, calling me a coward beause I did not sign my post is really because I can not sign it as a blogger or other because I have no blog/web page. But I will i sign this one.
From (possibly liberal) Coward

Anonymous said...

If you feel they need to ask, the source is the LA Times.

Hidden among the stars said...

Actually, we're just about all Anonymous, unless your last name really is Vigilante. This isn't a criticism, just an observation; in most cases it is not a good idea to put one's full tracking info out there on the Internet. -- Diann.

Sue said...

Diann- yes it really is my last name. (If you were here I could show you my driver's licence.)
Where's your "e" by the way? DIH