Monday, June 26, 2006


Despite being a guest on the East Coast for a couple of weeks DIH has continued her valiant efforts to finish her blasted Italy book. But things are not going so well.

I tried writing at home but gave that up after a couple of attempts. A five-year-old, three teenagers and two dogs (plus four adults, usually)) make for a lively amount of activity, especially with the World Cup on and all. Someone's always telling you to move away from the diningroom table or the kitchen counter because they want to do something like eat, or cook (thoughtless brutes). Or more kids come over and someone says Hey, let's go swimming and the next thing you know the whole backyard is screaming "Marco Polo" and there's the need to act responsible and make sure nobody drowns. How adult responsibilty does cut into one's day....

So I decided to take my trusty laptop up to the Barnes and Noble on Route 110 in Huntington and work there.

Another bust.

I prowled around the store searching for a suitable electrical outlet- trusty old laptop battery not being quite what it used to be- but in the whole store there were only two. There were lots of former electrical outlets, all covered with shiny new brass plates as if to say "we used to let people like you in here but not any more, nyah nyah."

So I waited until one of the two outlets was free. Then I plugged in, settled down and prepared to sweat out another writing session.

"I'm sorry ma'am but you can't do that in the store."
"You can't use that outlet. Store policy."

"Then tell me," DIH asked as patiently as possible, "why do you have a wi-fi cafe? How the hell is anyone supposed to use it?"

The clerk sighed. "That would be my question as well, ma'am , but it's store policy."

So now I either need a new battery, or another place to write. Or probably both. And I think I need a new bookstore, too.


Joke said...


You silly girl. You use the outlet anyway and cover up said usage with shopping bags.

Oh, and eBay for that battery. Laptop batteries' retail prices are so high you'd think it was a gummint project.

You're welcome,


Christopher McLaughlin said...

Joke... she sure does whine a lot lately. Have you noticed it too? Stress. That, and guilt! She's beginning to realize she should have written the martial arts book first. I tried to tell her...

Sue said...

Christopher- I'm on the East Coast these days, remember? Whining is a competitive sport here.

Christopher McLaughlin said...

Then you’re a rookie, Sue! Your bio may say LI but you must be from its eastern end, which is actually part of NH that rubbed off during the last ice age, cuz yours ain’t east coast whining. It’s lacking the necessary cynical sarcastic edge to qualify you for the medal rounds. Yours is more of a... mid western whine. You’ve gone native. The next thing you’ll be doing is offering constructive solutions. You’ve lost that patented east coast resignation. For example... Midwestern Whine: Gee whiz, almost all the outlets are covered with shiny brass plates. That doesn’t make sense. East Coast Whine: They still have two outlets uncovered. Hmmmm... I wonder what is motivating this new manipulative technique of human herding?

don said...

I feel your pain, so to speak. My wife and I took our 5 year old son to Disney world this past winter. My wife is disabled and uses an electric wheel chair because she cant walk far.After one frazzling day at Epcot I forgot to plug her chair in to charge overnight. Halfway through the Magic Kingdom the next day, the battery indicator was in the red. Outside one of the little shops by the Dumbo ride was an outlet. Plgged her chair in, and about 5 minutes later was told that we could not use the outlet by the store manager. I was told that I would have to take her chair all the way to the other end of the park at the entrance, where the rent wheelchairs to get it charged. I left my wife and son there, drove the chair to get it charged and got a regular push type and ran it back, all through a packed Magic Kingdom. I will never forget to charge her chair again.