Saturday, June 24, 2006

A New Low

(This is the third time I've tried to post this.)

How much do we all love unmarked police cars?

You know, those cheapo sedans you can spot amile away. One side view mirror, death's pall-blue color, too shiny to be genuine. They don't really do any harm, do they? You see some white guy in a K-car eyeing you a little too closely, or rather pretending not to, and you slow down. No big deal, right?

Well your smug days are over, Mr City Motorist!

Last night tooling home on the Grand Central Parkway I sazw something so low I had to rub my eyes to be sure.

There they were, the sudden screaming siren, the convulsion-inducing flashing lights in the rear window of A YELLOW CAB.

That's right. A taxi. School bus yellow, fares posted in black on the driver's side door, I mean, it looked REAL.

OK, show of hands, please: How many of us, when we sense a b-----d NYC cab driver crowding in on us, do not hit the gas and get the heck out of there ASAP? Because you know that if you don't some guy with a carpet in his trunk and three words of English, none of them printable, is about to come bearing down on you like the wrath of Allah?

Cops disguised as cabbies. It's not kosher. Its entrapment. It's terrorism.

It stinks.

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Joke said...

They did that in that movie with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines.

Me? I have whatever the latest in radar detector technology might be.