Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Spoiler Alert

I have one word for Pixar's "Cars," which I saw today with assorted young relatives:


When you're in a theater full of kids on a hot summer afternoon and the whole place is stiff as a board, you know you're watching a dull movie. Even Jeremy Pivner (I hope I've got that right- you know, Ari from "Entourage") as the voice of the hotrod's agent couldn't cheer the place up. I remember reading how Disney postponed the film's release because the script was no good. They should have kept working.

It was too bad because I'm in a frame of mind to appreciate Steve Jobs again these days. Yesterday I went to the Apple Store at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, and it was fun again.

The last time I went to an Apple Store it was out in Minnesota. Man what a disappointment. Instead of the kind of staff I was used to - the Apple Store guys! those balding, late 20's-mid 40's guys who are really musicians or composers or screenwriters but love their Macs so much they just can't stay away from the stores and so they end up working in them- I kept getting high school kids. Instead of knowing interesting stuff about what was coming next in Mac-dom and talking about "vision" all they knew was what they had in stock and what they'd have to order. It was boring, no fun at all. And Apple Stores are supposed to be fun.

Right, Mac fans?


Anonymous said...

Aunt Sue, jeremy Piven plays Ari on entourage, not pivner

Joke said...

FWIW, I have finally, after all these months, found something about which I disagree with you.

Numbah One Son (almost 9) has dragged me 3 times to see Cars and I rather enjoyed it. I much preferred it to, say, Finding Nemo and it was eleventy gazillion times better than, say, The Wild.


Christopher McLaughlin said...

One mistake (okay maybe two) and look how quickly everyone turns on you! Sue, it's almost as if we like you so well and enjoy your random thoughts and observations so much, that we won't allow for imperfections on your part! Deal with it. High expectations are a cruel burden to carry. Tough. You started it. So now you'd better not make any more mistakes.

Or else we'll be BACK!