Saturday, May 13, 2006

'Tis The Season

So it's forty degrees, raining, windy, miserable....

You guessed it, it's tee ball season!

Yes, it's time to sign your child up for sixteen sessions of pure wretchedness. Practices in the rain, followed by rain-outs in the rain. Frantic parents running around a vast park, trying to figure out which field is "Field Number Five." (The same parents losing it when the umpteenth person tells them "It's just over the hill.") Ebullient coaches announcing "snack time" only to find out the designated snack providers never got the email. It's so much fun. I don't see why everyone doesn't do it.

Today was "Picture Day." All the park district teams showed up at the rec center so they could have their pictures taken. Every team wears a different color t-shirt, and you get to see that once again your kid got the ugliest color they were handing out. But that's ok, since under the yellow light in the gym everyone looks like he's in the last stages of jaundice anyway. The photos should be gorgeous.

I think that's the whole reason for tee ball leagues: to keep the photographers in business. Half the kids only show up for the picture anyway. Which is no wonder, since half the games are rained out.

Now if they could just figure out a way to announce a rain-out before we all arrive on the field with our shivering little ones in tow, that would be something to write home about.

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bearing said...

Forget that. My homeschooled five-year-old still hasn't discovered that such a thing as tee ball (or baseball, for that matter) even exists. Safe! for another year!

My keep-him-in-the-dark skills (regarding anything I don't feel like bothering with) have limits, though. Last year he figured out that some kids' moms make them costumes in October. "What is this... this Halloween? I hear there is candy involved." I think next year I'm on the hook.

Word verification: jujsin. I don't jujsin. God do.

Happy Mother's Day! My husband is skiing Arapahoe Basin in the Rocky Mountains, so I get to clean the house.