Friday, May 19, 2006

There's An Industry Term For It, Isn't There?

Sure, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter have chimed in, but I know you're really all waiting for what the Minneapolis Star Tribune has to say:

"Long and winding 'Code': a limp adaptation of the bestseller would try the patience of a saint.

by Colin Covert

"At least they have some controversy going for them. The makers of 'The Da Vinci Code' will need all the newsmaking discord they can muster to turn this leaden religio-historic thriller into box-office gold. Ron Howard's adaptation of Dan Brown's bestseller is punishingly long, dramatically overwrought and fatally short on the thrills we demand from summertime blockbusters."

The only really intriguing thing in the film, Mr Covert goes on to say, is Tom Hanks's hairdo.

If you can access the paper on line the review is fun to read. Or access Mr. Covert at

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Christopher McLaughlin said...

Sue, How much would it cost to run a classified ad in the Minneapolis Star seeking "Tall male albino needed for sniper work. Inquire at iedsupo@yahoo.vat Must have references and inconpicuous monkwear."