Monday, April 03, 2006

The Seminar Is History!


The Community Education Center of Eden Prairie, Minnesota has cancelled its plans to offer a "Da Vinci Code Historical Seminar" this spring.

As DIH reported back in January, Community Education Services of Eden Prairie offered a "Da Vinci Code Historical Seminar" in its Winter & Spring 2006 catalog. The course was the first offering in the catalog, and was to have been given three times: once on April 27, once on May 4, and again on May 11.

Community Education is a service of the Eden Prairie Public Schools.

The course description ran:

"Did you find the historical events in the 2003 fictional bestseller interesting but too fantastic to believe? Actually, most of the background items cited in the book were tied to events purportedly recorded in history: some to Leonardo Da Vinci...some to the disciple Mary of Magdola of early Gnostic Christianity, the Holy Grail, and Knights Templar who may have evlolved into Free Masonry."

It was the next sentence that got DIH's attention: "The Priory of Sion actually existed since 1099 and Opus Dei frightfully exists right here in the USA, today!"

The Spring and Summer Catalog is now out. And it makes no mention of the Da Vinci Code Seminar. When I called the offices of Community Ed I was told the course had been cancelled.

Explanations as to why the course was cancelled vary. As one source told DIH, when she called to ask what the story was she was told they needed the classroom for something else. When I called today, I was told "we just didn't get enough people signed up for it."

So, I called George Tkach. Mr. Tkach, readers will recall, was the man who was giving the course.

Mr.Tkach was not happy to hear from Desperate.

"You've made a lot of trouble for me," he said, " you and your Catholic cohorts! I've gotten letters from as far away as North Dakota!"[Can Iowa be far behind?] "And I've spoken to my attorney about possibly taking you to court! Goodbye!"

[Hat tip: Geny in Eden Prairie. Hey, Geny- are you one of my "cohorts"?]


Anonymous said...

ROCK ON, Desperate! Good job:)

Christine said...

HA! Good for you, Susan!

Locally, we have a friend who is a budding apologist, and she wants to start a local Catholic Theological Society of sorts with members who rotate doing talks on various doctrines, heresies, etc. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a talk on the DaVinci Code (and debunking it) because she saw "The DaVinci Hoax" sitting on our coffee table. My wonderful husband piped up and said, "I'll do it!"

I'll have to let you know how it goes when it happens. We are aiming for about a month after the movie is out so that we can help people see the errors. :)

Ray from MN said...

Great job, Susan,

As a Catholic, I learned very young that there were two kinds of people in the world, Catholics and "Publics." I was pretty certain that we were not allowed to shop at the Public Furniture Store in downtown Duluth.

My Mom informed me that as she was about to finish High School in 1931, her pastor in her small town had all the Catholic graduates in for a little chat and told them that when they applied for a job, it was OK to put "Christian" on the application when the employer asked what religion they were. Because "Publics" would get preference for employment.

I have heard innumerable Catholic slams and insults as a youth and as an adult. And neither I nor anybody else ever objected. We just took it.

I'm thrilled to see Catholics using normal non-violent methods to expose the rampant anti-Catholicism found in the world today. We need much more of it.

Keep it up.

Joke said...


Remember, we don't issue fatwas.

Kudos to DIH! Finally, that seminar has ONE accurate bit of history attached thereto.


P.S. Remember, you can lead a cohorticulture...

Christopher McLaughlin said...

...just remind Mr Tkach that Opus Dei has already infiltrated most of the law firms in and around Minneapolis

Kate said...


R. Matt Sampson said...

This is awesome news. I wrote a letter to the mayor, superintendent, Ann Coates and Jeanne Zetah (in charge of Community Education) about this matter after I read your article. I reminded them about the possible lawsuit with ACLU. Anyway it seems that our concentrated efforts helped out in this matter!
Excellent work!
R. Matt Sampson

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I had finally seen the DaVinci Code move and was entertained by its content &, of course, I like Tom Hanks overall. I found your blog as part of a web search for it, and lo and behold, there was Geo. Tkach, my ex-husband from 20 years ago, right in the middle of it!
I was interested to see that after you spoke to him, you were right in your conclusions - he was not informed about the subject (which is typical of him). Also, he was not being truthful with you. He is not an engineer,(BA in Zoology), he is retired Navy Reserve, not Active Duty Navy, he was a spouse batterer, a deadbeat dad, abused his children physically and psychologically & abandoned them, saying he had "to look out for number 1".
Of course, this doesn't mean that he doesn't have freedom to live his life as he wishes. But, to see how he responded to you is so typical of my experiences over the 20+ years I was married to him. He always had the batterer's midset that his way was the only way & if you get in his way, he knows how to "take care of you".
I was so glad to see you challenge the course and him. Also, that Eden Prairie responded to reason. The life one lives has a way of catching up with you.
I am now married to a wonderful man, and am so glad Mr Tkach is no longer in my family's world.
Thank you for your insight,

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I finally had a chance to see the Davinci Code movie and was checking the web for more info when lo and behold I found your blog and right in the middle of it was Geo. Tkach, my ex-husband from 20 years ago. I was interested to see that you were abolutely correct in your analysis - he was misinformed as to facts, which was typical. He also was not honest in other areas with you. For example, he is not an engineer, he has a BA in zoology, he is not retired active duty Navy, he is a retired Navy Reservist. I never knew he had any interest in Art History.
His past history with me involves extreme spousal battering, "deadbeat dad", psychological and physical abuse of children, and I see that his responses to you still show the batterer's mindset of "it's my way, or else, and if you don't agree with me, there are ways of "dealing with you".
Of course, this doesn't mean that he doesn't have the right to live as he chooses, but life does have a way of catching up with one.
Thank you for your interest in exposing and bringing light to this and your followup with the Eden Prairie Adult Ed.
I am married now to a wonderful man and thankfully, my family is no longer exposed to Mr. Tkach.